Orlando Brown "Click Above For Full Story"

Orlando Brown "Click Above For Full Story"

Divide and conquer. 

They tried to divide and conquer us; was it our brown skin they feared or our tenacity to live if given all the God given rights due to any human despite the color of their skin. The history of Orlando is no different from any other city; just different names and faces fighting the same battle. Separating people of color into their own areas to make a clearer distinction between what needed no distinguishing was the plan.

Divide and conquer. 

Though not the original plan, ironically enough, Division Street became the line drawn. It limited Blacks to this designated area for political power and easier means to control. The inevitable was coming…change. The right to vote was too obvious to ignore any longer but still, those determined to break through the voter discrimination and tyranny where killed. Julius “July” Perry could have easily been called Uncle for the way he was accessible to people. He was pivotal in uplifting and inspiring us to live  equally and exercise our right to vote. I wonder if heaven welcome him with hymns of freedom? In his time, heaven was the only freedom some people knew; It was  just a matter of when and how one would arrive. Ask those lost in the Ocoee Massacre. November 2, 1920 should have been the day Blacks cast their ballots, instead heaven opened to welcome in its newest residents.

So, when you see these street names, or places deemed the ghetto or the hood, remember that there is a dark history that lurks around waiting to be discovered or told. Our history told by us, the facts are not whitewashed. History upgraded. #UpgradeHistory

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I value the messages behind your brand I love how you spread knowledge. You’re gonna make the biggest impact on the community. Just think of all the people from Ruby Bridges childhood still walking around. Do they still have that same hatred in their heart or have they truly changed? I pray this new generation don’t continue the old ways. It’s not suppose to be like this


This is deep. We have a Division St. We have lost the want to know the true history of our people and communities. We have to get back to creating reason and encouragement for voting. Too many have sacrificed for us to let our generations die before they are born.


Wow!! That’s some good info! 🔥 It solidified the reason why they are so against having critical race theory added to the curriculum. Imagine finding out how horrible your bloodline treated people because of the color of their skin. It would make you wanna be the change and do better because you know better! The media likes to show black and white photos as if it was so long ago, but think about it, the lady who lied on Emmett Till is still alive and has not been held accountable for her actions. Yet, recently, here in AL, an elderly black woman was arrested for not paying a $77 trash bill!! Lives Over Money has stampeded its way into the movement and the meaning behind it will continue to shed the light on our stories and how we are all connected. Keep telling our story! I support 100%


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