Virginia Brown "Click Above For Full Story"

Virginia Brown "Click Above For Full Story"

Growing up we knew less about Robert Russa Moton, but looking back over his legacy it is inspiring to see the impact he had as an educator and civil rights leader. I feel it is my duty to educate the younger generation about Robert Moton and his contributions to the African American community. His work in education and civil rights helped pave the way for future generations and it is important to remember and honor his legacy.

 Great men are defined not only by the legacy they leave behind, but by the actions they take in their lifetime.Robert R. Moton was an American educator and civil rights leader from Virginia. He served as the second principal of Tuskegee Institute, succeeding Booker T. Washington in 1915. He played a monumental role in advancing the legacy of Tuskegee Institute, and was essential in the fight for civil rights prior to it gaining momentum.


In 1951, the Moton Student Strike, one of many student-led strikes, highlighted segregation in public schools. This brought attention to the issue nationwide and helped ignite the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Additionally, Moton’s hometown of Prince Edward County initiated change by allocating funds to The Prince Edward County African American School, which was later renamed Robert R. Moton High School in his honor. Great men, like Moton, devote their lives to something that will far outlive them. Their influence holds weight heavy enough to continue propelling future generations forward.





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